When Mahmoud Anabtawi embarked on founding UGC in 1989, he was driven by a vision of servicing the construction sector in Jordan with quality construction chemicals and coatings. Today, the company is ranked in the top position in the Jordanian market as a manufacturer, trader and contractor of paints and construction chemicals.

For many years before UGC’s establishment, competition only offered simple paint systems, so Mr. Anabtawi started by importing advanced construction chemicals and was instrumental in introducing water-based acrylic waterproofing coatings as well as paints that offered high added-value and cost effective solutions. Consequently, clients from all over Jordan started seeking Mr. Anabtawi’s guidance for their material selection concerns.

This differentiation resulted in a booming business whereupon it was decided that in addition to trading, in house production was a viable proposition. Hence, with UGC founded, business developed exponentially and UGC started segmenting the market to better service our customers.


Year Achievement
1983 Importing paints from Jotun Paints UAE
1985 Introducing waterproofing membrane from Lanstar Coatings (UK) to Jordan market
1989 Production unit of Acrylic waterproofing coating under the brand Uniguard.
1991 Production unit of Water based emulsions and putties under the brand Universal.
2001 Signing agreement for exclusive distribution of Jotun Paints in Jordan.
2001 First Multicolor opened in Sweifieh, Jordan.
2005 UGC is registered as Limited liability company in Amman, Jordan.
2009 Withaq contracting established as an independent finishing contractor.
2009 Joint venture agreement signed with Colorificio MP of Italy – Universal MP is born.
2010 State of the Art facility and training center is built in Marka, Jordan.
2011 Projects Division is established to cater for the Protective and Decorative markets.
2015 50 Multicolor centers are operational.
2016 Distribution Division is born to sell UGC products to the retail market.
2016 Signing agreement for exclusive distribution of fosroc Int in Jordan.


UGC has ushered in a new approach to the construction industry and has as a result maintained a notable presence in the market that separates it from its competitors, namely:

  • Finite market segmentation covering all market areas of paint and construction chemicals.
  • Most of its staff are highly educated whereby 80% are degree holders which facilitate growth and development.
  • The company has the ability to adapt to new trends quickly and efficiently.

Higher goals

Our Vision
To be the best in empowering the construction market by providing top quality products and services.
Our Mission
UGC mission is to provide top quality products and services for various segments of the construction market by using cutting edge technologies and highly trained individuals. 
Our Core Values
Competitiveness, Adaptability, Innovation, Moral Integrity.
UGC’s aspirations do not stop. It aspires to keep its successes high and bright by:
  • Maintaining its top position in the Jordanian marketplace and aiming to achieve number one.
  • Using its strong Jordanian base and knowledge to expand further into the MENA region and beyond.